Nurseries make up a special class of agribusinesses and require tailor-made insurance coverages to insure their individual and unique exposures. Nurseries sell trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants on either a retail or wholesale basis. Many nurseries also perform landscaping services for home owners, apartment complexes, and businesses. A few enterprising nurseries employ landscape architects to design landscaping projects. These risks need coverage for liability exposures and greenhouse operations. Pollution coverage is required if pesticides and herbicides are used on or off premises to care for and maintain nursery stock. There is an additional pollution hazard if there are aboveground or underground storage tanks or drums of chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Workers compensation is a difficult exposure due to lifting and moving heavy trees and shrubbery and pruning operations, as well as exposure to various chemical compounds. Commercial fleets or trucks and other equipment may also present unusual exposures. Crop insurance is usually handled in conjunction with federal crop insurance programs. This explanation of insurance benefits is provided by Insurance Marketplace.