Weather insurance is designed to protect the insured sponsor of an outside event or a manufacturer that designs a product (whose promotion depends on a weather-related risk). This coverage is especially useful in three situations: (1) cancellation of events, such as outdoor concerts, civic and fraternal outdoor events, carnivals, lawn parties, outdoor weddings and receptions, parades, and sporting events; (2) as a marketing sales tool, such as an air conditioner manufacturer that offers incentives to customers in order to increase sales but then endures a cool summer, or a snow blower manufacturer that offers refunds if the winter’s snow accumulation is substantially less than average; or (3) to stabilize cash flow, such as when too little snowfall reduces a ski equipment manufacturer's sales. Insurers set objective and observable criteria that must be met in order for a payout to occur. An application that gives details of the event or promotion must be completed before coverage takes effect. This explanation of insurance benefits is provided by Insurance Marketplace.